How I was frustrated while trying to receive payment for the services I have rendered



How I was frustrated while trying to receive payment for the services I have rendered

Noting is more frustrating when it comes to creating invoice and accepting payment for the invoice you send to your client.

This happen to me a lot, I used to have this word document created as my invoice template, each time I want to create an invoice I will have duplicate this word file and the most annoying thing is that each time I duplicate It I will have to start editing the content from date created, client’s name and address, invoice number, items description, quantity, amount, rate etc.


all these consume most of my time and energy to accomplished, another annoying thing again is after spending my time creating the invoice manually like I used to do and send to my client, I won’t get paid quickly until after several calls reminding him/her of the invoice I sent him, this actual take much time before finally getting paid.


Why I’m now happy?

Until now creating invoice and getting paid for invoices has not been a smooth process. But thank God for AcuteInvoice which save me all these drama.


AcuteInvoice is an online invoicing system that let you create invoice within a minute, you can customize the look and feel of the invoice by adding your company logo, adding your brand color to the invoice, adding footer note etc. that will wow your clients, not to forget one thing, you will get paid for your invoice almost instantly because your client will be able to pay you directly just by clicking on the pay button in the mail sent with the invoice.


Some of the features and benefit of AcuteInvoice


  • Generate and send invoices within a few minutes
  • Real-time invoice status tracking
  • Customized invoice with your logo, brand color and footer note
  • Accept online payment for the invoices you sent
  • Track invoice status for paid, unpaid part payment right from your dashboard
  • Automatically sent payment reminder to your clients


  • Easier invoice processing
  • Improves your cash flow
  • Spend less time chasing payments
  • Accounts are updated in real-time
  • Impress your clients with a customized and professional looking
  • get paid up to 7 days faster when you accept payment online




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